Saturday, November 1, 2014

Childrens Dress Shop is the only Online Children's clothing store that offers online layaway

The Children's Dress Shop is the only online children's clothing store that offers online layaway.

Beginning November 1st, 2014 The Children's Dress Shop has begun to offer a lay away program for customers purchasing children's formal wear for events such as weddings and pageants. According to Rebecca, a manager,
                "In the decade that we have been providing dresses for wedding parties there is a common question about availability. A customer will ask if something they see will be available in 3 or 4 months. We really have no way to tell, so in order to accommodate that we have created a lay away program where a person can select all the dresses for their party and make payments in two, three, or four months. This way the items are secured by removing them from the inventory or obtaining them from the manufacturer before they run the risk of selling out."

         A new Children's Dress Shop worker Sarah states,
" This is probably one of the more common requests we have on a daily basis. I'm not surprised it works so well. It's not the traditional type of lay away for Christmas or the holidays. During the holidays people want fast rush delivery. Since we deal so much in the wedding and prom industry our law away program is more about getting that perfect dress secured so that you know you have it for the date you need it without the fear of someone snatching up your colors and sizes before your event. This has been very sucessful for Prom gowns as well. Young people look forward to looking beautiful on their prom night and dont want the stress of pulling out two or three hundred dollars quickly for their dress. With a little planning and budget this is a great system."

For more details on the Children's Dress Shop Law Away Program visit the link below:

 The Children's Dress Shop is an online store since 1999 and offers formal wear for every occasion for both girls and boys. They have credited their long term success to its flexibility in customer service and always exploring new ways to make the shopping experience easier.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

What coming in fall children's fashion for formal wear.

Ivory Flower Girl Dresses going into the fall / winter 2013/2014 fashion season have taken on a traditional look this year. Lace will be a very big theme. For children's styles it will be a contrast lace with a cream under panel with a lighter lace over lay. This first started hitting bridal shops earlier in the year and is projected to be very popular straight through the entire winter wedding season. Creamy ivory shades will be mixed with royal and burgundy satin sashes this year. Beads and scroll work have come back. Often you will see this scrolled embroidery every three years with a fresh shade of embroidery to match the seasons color scheme. Expect  ivory on ivory beads.

Veils, crowns, and tiaras are popping up for more than just first communion wear. Crowns and little tiara combs are taking the place of thee flower girl head wreath and rhinestones work very nicely against an ivory ruffled organza dress. Typically the fall and winter bring out longer more full length gowns and heavier shrug and over coat accessories. This year we see the same with boleros, jackets, and over throws. The faux fur wins hands down for that full winter look that softens the luxerious feel.

The trends this season are very traditional and fall into our favorite category, "timeless"
For more ivory flower girl dress ideas and a new downloadable catalog complete with shopping coupons visit

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

There's a princess in the window - This is how you find a princess in Kentucky

This beautiful Kentucky princess celebrates her 2nd birthday with a stroll with her family through a Kentucky State Park. A perfect thing to do on a beautiful summer day

About the photographer:

Jill Osterhage is a photographer in Newburgh, Indiana. 

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Summer Elegance

     With summer upon us we shed the warm colors of winter and dawn the lighter summer fare of lemons, sparkling sweet-tea,  tan, and watermelon reds and greens.  This melt-your-heart, butter yellow princess dress is a delicious site at any dressy event from birthday parties, weddings, dinner with daddy or just to swish around in and feel pretty at dolly's tea party with mommy at home.  

     Please feel free to browse our flower girl dress collection of summer by going here and peruse the lighter color primps of this season.  Soon your child will be soaking up summer elegance in her own dressy princess dress.  Thinking of you.

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Thursday, December 27, 2012

This weeks new contest. FREE GIVE AWAY!!!

This weeks gift contest will be a 50 dollar gift certificate toward any item in the store at flower  girl princess. At we stock new items for both girls and boys formal and 99 percent of our girls dresses are made right  here in America! How great is that?
Starting from December 27th to Jan 3rd every one who creates a new account at will automatically be entered to get a 50 dollar gift coupon. The winner will be announced on friday the 4th.
You do not need to purchase anything to be a contestant! Just create an account!

Saturday, December 1, 2012

FlowerGirlPrincess Reviews

We know at FlowerGirlPrincess that your reviews are important to communicating your experience to the world. Its also very important to us to get good feedback on the quality of our products and services. We encourage all of our customers to post product reviews on the items they have purchased so that we can always be on the look out for exactly those styles and accessories that you want.

Customers who have purchased from us and post a review to any of our product information pages will automatically be eligible for 10 percent off their next purchase with coupon code
By submitting a review on any product that you have purchased in the past this code will automatically be attached to your account. Happy Shopping!!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Congradulations Anita Campbell!!! You are the winner of this past weeks flower girl dress givaway. You will be receiving the dress shown below and you are still eligible to enter next weeks contest!! New contest coming soon.